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Backstreet Boys Community

... a thousand more regrets unraveling

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[ the backstreet boys lj community ** ]
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Welcome to Backstreet Boys community!

The purpose of this community is to talk about BSB and share BSB related stories, news, graphics, etc. with other fans of this talented group. Feel free to join, post, and share with fans from around the globe.

1. Every post must be BSB related in some sense. There is NO off-topic posts allowed.
2. You are NOT allowed to promote your community, group, zine, etc.
3. Respect the maintainer(s)/members of this community. NO fighting, belittling, namecalling, inappropriate language, etc. are allowed.
4. Please do not type lIkE tHiS. It's annoying and hard to read. This is for the sake of improving Internet etiquette.
5. If you have ANY questions/problems with the group please contact one of the maintainers by e-mail. There is no need to make a post about it in here as it will be deleted. Do not email the mainters to complain about one of the maintainers.
6. MAJOR! Please put all LARGE IMAGES (over 300x300pixels) behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do one -- tutorial is HERE.
7. Spam posts are NOT allowed. These type of posts include "I just got the new BSB CD", "I got my tickets to the concert", "I love so-and-so", etc.
8. Photos, audio, and videos from the official BSB fan club, Weird World, are NOT allowed. This is in accordance to fan club policies.

Before you post, please read through this post. It'll help.

The Promotions List
Media Request Post

In case of mass migration to another journal site, you can find us here: Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal, and JournalFen.

iknowitsmad at dream.away.everyday@gmail.com
lanrek at tempest386@yahoo.com
secretagent007 at secretagent007 (at) livejournal (dot) com

Have a question? Comment? Concern? Wanna be an affiliate with us? Just pick one of us to e-mail.

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